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Where’s the news story?

If you LOVE getting notifications about interesting news stories only to click and never receive then this is the app for you! The app is fine as long as you never expect to be able to actually find, much less read, a news story sent in a notification. I have deleted better news apps for less. I guess I will just turn off all notifications for this app as I struggle to find ways to get me to keep it.

Repeat articles and/or outdated news

Many of the headlines on app (especially iPad versions) are repeat articles. I’ll see the same story listed 2-3 times. Many articles are days old. But Greg Fishel’s weather reports are great!


Poorly written content full of spelling and grammatical errors. And seriously... whoever is sitting at the controls please give the notifications a rest!

Excessive and unacceptable bias

WRAL can't even pretend to provide balanced news with the heavily-biased editorials and comics appearing on the home page of their app on a daily basis. After over 40 years of watching channel 5 news, I recently switched to another triangle TV station and have found that I actually like the competition better. And I'm sorry Greg and Elizabeth, but I'm finding their weather to be much more accurate. Thank you for all the bias, it guided me to a better news and weather source. I uninstalled all instances of WRAL news and weather apps across all our devices.

Does not work

The app doesn’t work. If you click on a notification, it will say error instead of taking you to the story/video. Useless.

Easy and clear

I enjoy the simplicity as well as the content of the WRAL app. Makes it easy to click on and see what I want within a few minutes.


Pretty good local news app but a good bit of “extra junk” in amongst the news stories. I’d rather have the option of paying for premium edition to do away with all the “fluff” and “ads” !

Wral web site

Way too biased and liberal.. a shame

Good weather but totally liberal in all aspects

Great source for local news and weather but the liberal bs gets old . Every story takes a Democrat perspective.

Technical Errors, Grammatical Errors

The articles themselves are full of grammatical and syntax errors, but that’s every local media outlet these days. The most annoying thing is the app itself will give an error message almost every day (cannot load) and when I sent a trouble-ticket requesting assistance, WRAL’s tech support told me to delete it and reinstall when that happens. WHEN that happens? Every time? No thanks, I’ll just read the news elsewhere. (And it happens on three different devices with at least two bars-strength signal throughout multiple updates on two providers (AT&T and US Cellular,) so this is not a device-specific issue). The app is fine when it works, just not sure why It’s such a challenge to use. Another concern I can’t seem to get an answer for is why so many news stories click out to B-side news sites that moments into reading a supposed news story, you get a “You’ve won a FREE iPhone, you have 5 minutes to claim it!” pop up. You have to completely close the app, there’s no way to close the pop up. Seems scammy and frankly, a little trashy for WRAL. I’m surprised they associate their site with clickbait like that. And from the list of stories on the main page, there’s really no way to know what’s real news and what’s not. Talk about “fake news.” *eye roll* C’mon, WRAL, you’re better than that.

Best local news in USA

Best news and weather app bar none.

Horrible on iPads

I have the 2018 iPad and the app never displays content. On my older iPad mini it just locks up. I am running the latest version of iOS on both and have plenty of free space. On my iPhone the app loads but very slowly and sometimes does not load graphics for all the stories. This behavior started 2 versions ago.

Error message when I open the app up about half the time.

Half the time when I open the app up, it says something about an error and I have to try again. I’m always connected to WiFi or using my data, so there isn’t a problem on my end.

Good weather, but news extreme left

They have excellent weather and sports, but their news is extremely one sided and liberal

Awesome news app

One thing I can say about this app it keeps you up to date with the latest news


Most stories simply won’t load anymore unless on data- doesn’t happen with any other app I use. Kind of a bummer but I’ll be looking for news elsewhere

Ad Ads and Add more ads

Awful may as well be Facebook too many ads to many sidetracked turtles too many things at are NOT TRUE fake news 101 Very democratic app enjoy if you’re a Democrat Republicans think your trash

Wral news app

I look 4ward 2utilizing more of the app, yet I enjoy the portion of the app I utilize. Amen. I have access2less, yet I enjoy the portion I do utilize. AmenAgain. The Colors&LayOut R appealing2the eye&is Interesting&Appealing2read. TheApp is a PleasantExperience. GoodColorAppeal MostResponsive

Ok, but too many notifications

I really like the app from the standpoint that I can check the news anytime of day. Only issue with the app is the NUMEROUS DAILY NOTIFICATIONS!! I'd much rather have one or two each day (with the exception of emergency notifications) rather than so many as it stands now. Even one daily "list" of stories from which I could select the ones that are relevant to me would be great. Love WRAL though and have watched them since I arrived in NC in 1994!

Good app

I like the notifications. I read about things from everywhere that I wouldn’t have known without the notifications. I also like the weather alerts.


App ok, news not good leave items up to long. Post items that doesn’t matter such as Hollywood Stars having babies or getting married who cares about them. Articles are also slanted towards liberals view.



Inaccurate weather and selective news

Today they forecasted highs in the low 50’s and no rain and as of 3:00PM 3/27/18 it is 41 degrees and raining. If the stock market goes down it is reported, if it goes up nothing is mentioned. They are reporting what their affiliate national network allows them to report (NBC).

Raleigh, NC

I enjoy being able to watch the local and national news via this app. Cable subscription not required.

Good app for local news

Good app for local news. Seems to put local stuff first most of the time. Sometimes it seems to be slow to update so I also use an app for another news station in another state that is quicker to update national news.

Duplicate notifications

Getting duplicate notifications on everything since the latest update. Please fix.

Pop-up Video ads

Random videos pop-up on the main page. Not a very good thing to experience.

Love app.

My go to for local news.

First to HD...that’s about it

WRAL was setting the standard ten years ago. Now, we’re squinting to see their app on an iPhone X. C’mon CBC.

Deleting it!

Wish they would report the news instead of their liberal agenda!

best news app ever

This TV station goes the extra mile to report news. They are very trustworthy and precise.

Quit loading

After it changed format it quit loading. I dropped it.

Cool app

This is a cool app

WRAL is my news source

I count on WRAL to keep me informed. Always reliable and up to date news and weather information at my fingertips.

Too many junk notifications

Even though I went into this app’s settings and turned off all notifications except traffic, it still sends me at least three notifications early every morning urging me to watch the morning news and the Today show. So I had to block all its notifications in the iOS settings which is unfortunate because the traffic alerts are useful. WRAL has ignored tweets reporting this problem. Other than that it’s an excellent local news source and a well done app.

Throws you out to a browser with ads

Opened the app and touched nothing. After a few seconds I was dumped out to safari for an ad as if I’d touched it. It’s acting like a porn site now.

Easy to use

Keeps me updated on all the local happenings.

Love this app, but not always the news!

Oh, how I wish the news didn’t start every broadcast with a police blotter report for 20 minutes. At least with the app, I am able to choose whether I click to learn more about the latest body that was found.

News for the left

If you enjoy one sided leftist views, Unfair and unbalanced news, WRAL is for you!

Very informative

Love reading the news & weather everyday

Very handy

A very handy resource

Simple UI and Relevant News

A big fan of this app



App won't work

WRAL has been my news source since I moved to North Carolina over 20 years ago. And I really want to use this app. But at least nine times out of 10, the app refuses to open. It tells me I don't have an Internet connection on my iPad, in spite of the fact that everything else that depends on Internet works just fine. I really wish WRAL would get this app fixed! It's so frustrating when a News headline pops up from WRAL on my iPad, but then I swipe for details and get told that I'm not on the Internet!

Excellent App

Great source of national & local news!

Unfortunately biased news

I deleted this app after years of terribly biased news. I am ridding my life of negativity....starting with WRAL. Social Media is next! 😉


My main desire for the app is to watch the news live on my iPad. It is highly unreliable and crashes quite often. Please address this issue.


Not always but much of the time I am unable to open the app due to " you must be connected to the internet" or "network error" yet others apps are working perfect fine.

Great news&weather local and natl

Ez to use, lots of tabs for sections so I can read local or check for coupons or get sports updates...has everything, even when I'm away from home can stay informed. Been dependable and current. Luv access to weather forecasts too, Only wish = need 1 even larger font size choice for articles !

Reliable source

I really like how you get instant notifications !!

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