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Love this app, but not always the news!

Oh, how I wish the news didn’t start every broadcast with a police blotter report for 20 minutes. At least with the app, I am able to choose whether I click to learn more about the latest body that was found.

News for the left

If you enjoy one sided leftist views, Unfair and unbalanced news, WRAL is for you!

Very informative

Love reading the news & weather everyday

Very handy

A very handy resource

Simple UI and Relevant News

A big fan of this app



App won't work

WRAL has been my news source since I moved to North Carolina over 20 years ago. And I really want to use this app. But at least nine times out of 10, the app refuses to open. It tells me I don't have an Internet connection on my iPad, in spite of the fact that everything else that depends on Internet works just fine. I really wish WRAL would get this app fixed! It's so frustrating when a News headline pops up from WRAL on my iPad, but then I swipe for details and get told that I'm not on the Internet!

Excellent App

Great source of national & local news!

Unfortunately biased news

I deleted this app after years of terribly biased news. I am ridding my life of negativity....starting with WRAL. Social Media is next! 😉


My main desire for the app is to watch the news live on my iPad. It is highly unreliable and crashes quite often. Please address this issue.


Not always but much of the time I am unable to open the app due to " you must be connected to the internet" or "network error" yet others apps are working perfect fine.

Great news&weather local and natl

Ez to use, lots of tabs for sections so I can read local or check for coupons or get sports updates...has everything, even when I'm away from home can stay informed. Been dependable and current. Luv access to weather forecasts too, Only wish = need 1 even larger font size choice for articles !

Reliable source

I really like how you get instant notifications !!

Weather alerts

Not receiving weather alerts on wral mobile app


Every time I click on a story I get an error. This app is useless except for pop up notifications. I can't do anything in the actual app.

Can't view news

Whenever I click on a notification it's says error. Please fix

Great ap

The app gives me local news from the Raleigh area.

Updates needed

I've just moved to North Carolina and picked this app hoping for notifications more often about what's taken place. No luck with that. Is there a notification button somewhere I don't know about.


Keeps me informed & I love it!


This version of the WRAL app is the most frustrating. It will close down while I am reading an article for no apparent reason. This has happened 4 times in the last 5 minutes.

Great Coverage

WRAL has been covering the Raleigh market for decades. They remain out front in technology with this app. Highly recommend it!

Bluetooth message

Would you please stop displaying the message to turn on Bluetooth every time I open the app. Very annoying and should not be required. Otherwise a very nice app

News app

Great to watch when the tv antenna doesn't work!

Not great

Many times I can't open news ..... retry comes up too often. It frustrates me. Sometimes it is fine. Please fix this bug. Thanks

High background battery usage

This app has been draining my battery constantly. It used 30% of my battery running in the background.

Bluetooth, really?

Please fix the Bluetooth pop up. It's annoying.


I love this APP! It keeps me up to date with family in the area.(bEb!

Bluetooth off and I want it off!!!

Guess I'll delete this version and try the next go around. I shouldn't need to have Bluetooth on to use the app!!!

Wral news app

I look 4ward 2utilizing more of the app, yet I enjoy the portion of the app I utilize. Amen.

Good app

I like that I can see the live broadcast of the news. Also, sometimes I can't see broadcasts which I missed.

Bluetooth - WHY

The latest update prompts the user to turn on bluetooth. Why? I don't use bluetooth and see no reading for WRAL to require its use. Please turn off the incessant prompt!!!

WRAL Mobile App 5 Stars!! A+++

The best news and weather app available in the Triangle! It never crashes. The news/weather is always up to date. You will get notifications only if it is important and only if you agree to receiving them. The WRAL mobile app beats out ABC 11's mobile app all day long! I highly recommend, especially if you live in the Triangle area.

WRAL rules

Best news and weather app bar none.

Too many no reasons notifications

They send one every half hour during times when there news is on. Too much self promotion. Watch us now. Not every school board or other things are Breaking News.


It has all information on the weather and the latest news good app

latest update

the updated app runs considerably slower on iphone 5s and im getting error: cannot get application config; would you like to retry? i have never seen an error on my iphone or ipad until this. both devices above are running iOS 10.2.1


It is difficult to fathom how this app manages to get worse with every new version. Fire your developers immediately.

Da Rock

Not bad, I'd like to see more news less advertising. That being said not a bad app.

Issues with latest update

Like others, I got the white screen with the latest update. Deleting then downloading the app solved the problem. Be sure to "Allow" access when prompted.

Not working

Nothing loading since last update.

Awful Since Update

WRAL app has been great until the most recent update. Can't get any content to load. No weather. No news. Nothing. Just a plain white screen with WRAL header. Awful. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND


The new website is not as user friendly as the old version. Most of the articles you need to go to the FULL version to get specific stuff

Won't update

Not able to update and unable to use old version.

0 stars

After last update, app doesn't work at all. So much for big fixes.

Can't open after today's update

All I get is the usual header at the top and a blank, white page. I rely on this app for weather info! Please fix it. 🙏


I like the app but it freezes and shuts down a lot.

Love it

Fast and reliable news anytime of day. Love the app.

WRAL Review

I'm impressed with this site. Great info and alerts.

Left, like the station

If you prefer not to think and prefer your news fluffy and with a significant left bias, this is the station & app for you!

Great for traffic info

I use the WRAL mobile app for traffic updates. Essential for commuting I40!

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